How Can We Help You?

We work together to understand the individual or family’s financial and life goals.  We provide an easy-to-understand road map to achieve those goals.

Our firm adopted a fee-only compensation structure early in the 1980s, which has become the industry standard today. Neither we nor our Custodian charge commissions, custodial fees, or time-based fees.

In this part of the plan, we determine the asset allocation of the overall portfolio that will meet your family’s goals while managing market volatility.

We jointly help plan an individual or family’s cash flows and help the client understand the most efficient source of those funds. This may include basic bill pay and payment execution.

We strive for maximum tax efficiency while optimizing our investment management.  We want to team up with your accounting professionals in order to achieve this.

Estate Planning is an integral part of the financial planning process with our investment management.  If you do not have an estate plan, we are happy to make referrals and advise you on that process.

Combined with an estate plan, this type of planning ensures that your heirs are in good hands. This includes offering 529 Plans for educational expenses via Charles Schwab. The type of expenses paid by 529 Plans has broadened over the last several years.

-If you are a business owner or someone with influence over your 401k retirement offering we can provide a complete low-cost, high-service plan via a trusted third party.

-We can provide the M&W portfolio as a direct investment option on almost any 401k plan. We can accomplish this by connecting with your 401k plan administrator.

-Via a third-party technology partner we can now manage an individual’s 401k plan on almost any 401k provider’s platform. In this example, we can manage your 401k plan even if your 401k plan administrator/custodian differs from our primary custodian.

Morris & Wells’ trusted partner Echo Trade created a platform to help investors with smaller dollar savings access financial advisors and wealth management strategies they may otherwise not have access to.  Please CLICK HERE to learn more about Echo Trade.

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